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 Jul 17th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  363

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Whitetail Habitat Solutions
Published on Jul 16, 2019
Of course deer will never have guns, but how would you hunt deer differently if they did? Would you hunt more quietly? Would you hide yourself better accessing your deer blind? Would your treestands be quieter, would your clothing smell better and would you drive an ATV to your stand? The point is, would you make some changes when it comes to alerting deer – or not – when you hunt. The key to being a successful hunter is to actually give the deer the illusion that they are not being hunted. In order to create a false sense of security to the local deer herd and in particular to a mature buck, you can’t let them know you are on the land. I hear all of the time, “I only spook a couple of deer when I hunt my food plot”. Well folks when you only spook a few deer, you are just scratching the tip of the iceberg for how many deer you actually spooked. Hunting deer isn’t about fads, gadgets and magic potions in fact, some of the least successful deer hunters that I know use the most trinkets and scent contraptions. Being a consistently successful hunter means getting back to our roots of attempting to be the ultimate predator. If you hunt without your scent blowing at the deer, without your sound projecting through the woods and by not allowing deer to see you, you will be a great deer hunter. You will also have a much greater chance of not getting shot, if deer ever have guns..

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