New Scientific Odor Control, ScentPURGE 35 by Whitetial’R

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Scent Purge 50

New Scientific Odor Control

ScentPURGE 35 by Whitetail’R

Just when you think you have seen it all…Now available at OL’ DropTyne

Not too long ago our good friends at Whitetail’R told us about a new series of products they were developing that kills foreign odors scientifically, and after 2 years of testing these items out first hand I can tell you they work.

The Science behind these ScentPURGE units actually attacks and destroys odors at the molecular level. It does not cover or simply filter odors, it kills them. They destroy both bacteria-generated scent like sweat and pet odors, and non-bacteria scents like cigarette smoke and detergents that attach themselves to your gear and vehicles.

We found that the most common applications for these smaller 35 units were in conjunction with our gear bags, totes and smaller storage closets. Outstanding new products that are sure to make a real difference for all Whitetail hunters. Fact is many of our mother’s only wish these units were around when we were first hunting using skunk scents for cover-up..!


Chip’s Tip – “Don’t Step in it…”
Our Arro-Drag system was developed by bow hunters for all whitetailers.
Keep your Fresh Scent drags clear of your scent

For years we would use conventional boot and/or drag strings only to watch from time to time a trailing buck stop cold, turn “inside out” and drift out of sight. A couple wiser than I bow hunters told me how they were simply tying their drag lines to a stick and holding it off to the side as they create their scent lines, this indeed helped.

Ok, so let’s take a look at some of the mistakes we have made over the years in hopes to save you a bit of frustration by “not stepping in it”.

    Keep your bare hands off all of your drag system components.

    Be aware that most strings/cords collect and can hold scent you may not desire, so spray them down and keep them clear of smells as they get dragged through the cover as well.

    Unless you are using a cover scent, keep your drag scent lines away from your footsteps as you work your drag.
    Replace the wicks you apply your fresh scent to at the very least every other day. Otherwise you are placing good fresh product on a bacteria rich scent wick.

    If you are using the “dip wick” style of wicks (which work) do not double dip it into the bottle that day to refresh the wick or you will contaminate the bottle.

Now let’s look at a few additional points that can help.

    Store your used wicks in a scent secure container, good zip loc bags go a long way to help.

    If you are using our Arro-Drag system, try replacing that field tip that holds it to your old arrow with an old broadhead shaft (no blades please) so that you can stab it into the ground just up wind from your 20 yrd shooting lane as a distance marker and “scent post” all in one.

Watch the Arro-Drag Video!

Have some Great Hunts this Fall!

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