New Redhead Reality Series Decoys

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 Mar 16th, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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RedHead Reality Series Decoys: Gobblers fooled by new turkey trio

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Turkeys of a wild feather tend to flock together. Wise hunters deploy decoys

to bring wary old gobblers into shooting range. While the use of decoys is no new tactic, turkey hunters are constantly on the lookout for ways to make their spread more efficient and effective. That’s why the release of the ultra-realistic RedHead Reality Series Turkey Decoys will have hunters flocking to Bass Pro Shops this spring.

Each lightweight decoy in this revolutionary line is constructed of flexible and durable Life Rubber-making them 40% lighter than comparable models. Each bird readily perches atop a tough, two-piece, metal folding stake, conjoined by a shock-cord. This cord keeps the stake sections together at all times-when in use and when stored-and reduces the time for decoy set up in the field.

The RedHead Reality Series Decoys also feature ultra-realistic painted heads and incredibly detailed feathers that truly bring the birds to life. They utilize a Life Valve on the decoy’s bottom that aids with easily popping the decoy back into shape if it gets smashed, creased, or dented during transportation and storage. This is a valuable bonus feature when approaching gobblers require rapid decoy deployment.

The first choice for hunters wanting to create their own flock is the new RedHead Reality Series Ol’ Wet Hen Turkey Decoy. Known for dominating the forests and field, this Ol’ Wet Hen Turkey Decoy has the look-and posture-of a real boss hen.

For turkey hunters wishing to double the appeal of life-like hens, the Ol’ Wet Hen can be accompanied by another feathered female-the new relaxed Brood Hen Decoy. This decoy is positioned in a receptive breeding posture that every gobbler readily recognizes. The Brood Hen Decoy can be placed directly on the ground for a more submissive setup, or can be paired with a stake for increased visibility.

Hunters wanting to present a bigger-and more antagonizing-wild turkey flock can incorporate the new RedHead Reality Series J-Bird Turkey Decoy. This jake decoy, shaped in the popular ┬╝ strut posture of a young, cocky jake, relaxes hens but infuriates gobblers. This true-to-life jake is complete with a snood and multi-strand beard protruding from the chest. Seeing this J-Bird could be the last straw for a strutting gobbler who may otherwise hang-up out of range.

There’s even better news for undecided hunters who are looking for a bargain. The new decoys are offered in a RedHead Reality Series Trigger Turkey Decoy 3-Pack containing the Brood Hen, J-Bird and Ol’ Wet Hen. Another option is the RedHead Reality Series Breeding Pair Turkey Decoy Combo-a package that pairs up the J-Bird and the Brood Hen to present a breeding pair.  Retail prices range from $49.99 for a lone hen decoy to $139.99 for the three bird flock.

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