Fall Hunting at Lake of the Woods

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 Aug 21st, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Aug 21st, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Three different types of grouse, Canadian and lesser geese, many many kinds of waterfowl, small game, deer, bear, and wolves; this is just the beginning to fall hunting when you visit Lake of the Woods. September is the kick off month for many on this list, check out the seasons by the MN DNR HERE.

Hundreds of acres of public land is available to hunters when they visit LOW. Everything from walking trails, ATV trails, shoreline, swamps, and more stretching from the South Shore all the way up to the NW Angle. The state land south of town is perfect for your small game desires. Ruffed grouse, sharptail, and spruce grouse; as well as rabbits and squirrels can be found among the many trails. When you head to the lake, the South Shore and NW Angle are the perfect set up for migratory waterfowl. For a map of all walking trails, check out the MNDNR trail finder HERE; OR next time you are in Lake of the Woods, stop at the Tourism Bureau for all your hunting maps and guides.

Many of our resorts cater to hunters that are new to the area. They will guide many big game hunts or waterfowl hunts along their shores, perfect for each individual need. Resorts from the Rainy River, South Shore, and NW Angle are ready to help you with your hunting needs. Check out our LODGING page to get started.

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