6 Tips For Hiring A Whitetail Consultant

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 May 22nd, 2019 by Keith Worrall  335

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Whitetail Habitat Solutions
Published on May 18, 2019
The whitetail consultant that you choose can change the direction of your deer hunting parcel for good or bad, for a decade or more to come. While experience matters most, so does results. If a potential whitetail consultant has not proven that he or she can do what they teach on their own for at least a decade or more – then how can they show you how to accomplish what they teach? A proven system of management concepts, years of unguided mature buck harvest success in many regions on both public and private lands, immediate design and whitetail plan deliverables (the day of the visit) and decades of habitat management experience are all part of the core ingredients that you need to find in a whitetail consultant. A whitetail consultant should be able to deliver a level of experience and recommendation that you could never possibly find on your own, unless you actually became a whitetail consultant across at least a dozen states or more. Hiring a whitetail consultant is a serious decision because tens of thousands of dollars, decades of elevated hunting and herd success (or not), and hundreds of hours of your precious time, are on the line. However, not matter which whitetail consultant you choose, it’s up to you to do the work when they leave your land. While you can change your success quickly, it takes a lot of of good ole fashioned hard work! Hard work directed professionally is a beautiful thing…

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