2018: The Year of Record Breaking Bucks

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 May 9th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  501

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On Jan. 5, a small group of men gathered around an exceptional whitetail rack in Illinois. With measuring tape in hand, they spent the next three hours tallying up the inches of antler. Luke Brewster, the hunter responsible for arrowing the deer, sat impatiently, waiting for the results. It had been two months since he tagged the whitetail, but these final moments were weighing heavily on his mind.

“It was pretty nerve wracking,” Brewster said in an interview with North American Whitetail. “I started worrying almost the whole time, but it went pretty well.”

When the official scorers emerged with a number, they confirmed what Brewster and his buddies had hoped: This was the new world record non-typical whitetail. At 320 5/8 inches, Brewster’s Illinois buck beat the old record by nearly 8 inches.

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