#1 Daylight Browse For Deer Bedding

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 Jun 13th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  328

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Published on Jun 13, 2019
Creating deer browse on your land has a whole lot more to do with timing than it does the amount of browse that you are providing for the local deer herd. For example, if the browse on your land is slanted towards the Summer, then you are missing (by far) the most critical periods of time when deer need daylight deer browse the most – during the Fall and Winter months. If your goal is to be a whitetail herd influencer then you need to make sure that the deer on your land have something to eat during the hunting season and Winter months. Lush and green food sources during June, July and August mean nothing if those same forms of daily deer browse are shriveled, unpalatable, unattractive and brown during the hunting season. Why does hunting season deer browse matter on your land? Because you will need those forms of daylight bedding browse if your goal is to create a quality herd and hunt. Here is the variety of browse that you need on your land, to become a true herd influencer.

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