The Roles of Professionalism & Passion with Mark Romanack

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Walleye World Podcast
Ep. 12 – The Roles of Professionalism & Passion with Mark Romanack

June 2019 episode features Mark Romanack, Executive Producer of Fishing 411 TV and 411 Productions. Mark shares about the beginnings of his passion for walleye fishing and how professionalism has projected him in his career. Rob and Mark discuss spinner fishing on Lake St. Clair and highlight the versatility of the Off Shore Tackle Awesome Crappie inline planer boards. Whether you are a new or seasoned angler this show will help you grow in your lifelong fishing journey.

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Episode link: https://www.podcasts.com/walleye-world-podcast-march-9th-2018-19582078b/episode/Ep.-12-The-Roles-of-Professionalism-Passion-with-Mark-Romanack-d74c

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