Ten Facts About Rainy Lake

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How many of these facts do you know?

From fishing to easy border crossing – and even a mermaid! – here are some trivia tidbits that may surprise you.

1 – Roughly 70% of Rainy Lake lies in Ontario, Canada and 30% in Minnesota, United States.

2 – Excluding the Great Lakes, Rainy Lake is the fifth-largest inland lake in Ontario. Rainy Lake covers 92,100 ha (227,604 acres) and has over 2,200 islands of which over 2,000 are in Canada. Some of the main ones are Little American Island, Campfire Island, Dryweed Island, Big Island and Surveyor’s Island.

3 – The Noden Causeway crosses Rainy Lake to connect Fort Frances with eastern communities such as Atikokan and Thunder Bay. The causeway was officially opened in 1965 and is comprised of three sections: the first totaling 2,000 feet, the second at 1,800 feet and the third at 450 feet.

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