Demanski, Vore and Vogan win the 12th Annual Walleye Extravaganza

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Published on Jul 28, 2019
ALPENA, Mich. — The Michigan Walleye Tour rolled into Alpena for it’s fourth and final tournament of the season. This marked the Michigan Brown Trout Tournament’s 12th Annual Biggby Coffee, Panel Processing, Gator Bait Tackle, Ramada Inn, CW’s Restaurant Walleye Extravaganza. 77 boats of three anglers competed in the tournament for the top prize of $10,000, and those that competed in all four of the Walleye Tour’s stops fished for the tour title and $3,000.

“We tried a lot of different things. Water is real clear, so it’s tough fishing,” said angler Mike Demanski. “The boats scared the fish a lot. It was just awesome. There are a lot of fish up here, and it’s a beautiful fishery.”

Fred Vore, Don Vogan and Demanski brought in the heaviest haul of five walleye weighing in at 28.37 pounds. They also weighed in the biggest fish at 7.11 pounds. Matt Dubs, Jason Trapp and Kyle Everitt finished fifth overall, helping them take home the Walleye Tour title for 2019. The guys fished in the Detroit River, Bay City/Saginaw Bay, Lake St. Clair and Alpena’s Thunder Bay.

“That’s what everybody fishes for here. That’s a big,” said Dubs. “I mean first prize is great, but for everybody that signs up to fish all tournaments, I mean that’s the number one prize right there.”

The total numbers for this tournament were only two boats shy from 2018’s 79 total. A great showing for another great year at the 45th Michigan Brown Trout Tournament.

Top Five Teams:
(1) Fred Vore, Don Vogan and Mike Demanski – 28.37
(2) Marc McCalebb, Adam Birk and Larry Terry – 26.48
(3) Terry Mackillop, Kevin Mackillop and Chris Heckel – 24.37
(4) Jason Harrison, Brian Arch and Jerry Spencer – 23.88
(5) Matt Dubs, Jason Trapp and Kyle Everitt – 23.45
(6) Cameron Lackie, David Kuch and AJ Rathje – 23.14
(7) Steve Sprecker, Jay Sprecker and Stephen Forrest – 22.81
(8) Bob Leslie, Frank Brogger and Ann Jasman – 22.66
(9) Jeff Thucholski, Curtis Zubal and Aaron McMann – 22.65
(10) Benjamin Brandt, Mike Larsen and Dave Strieter – 22.34

Biggest Walleye:
(1) Fred Vore, Don Vogan and Mike Demanski – 7.11
(2) Joe Krzyzaniak, Joe Kubiak and Rob Kryzaniak – 6.91
(3) Jon Robbins, Dan Zoller and Tim Zoller – 6.84

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