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Custom Blending Powder Paints
One of the great elements of making your own tackle is the ability to make something custom. Whether it be your favorite crankbait blank airbrushed in a color pattern you’re not able to buy at your local Fleet Farm, a jig with some custom glitter and dipped in a UV Seal Coat or a can’t buy anywhere on the shelf soft plastic dipped in pearlescent powder there is something intriguing about using something no one else has and more importantly something that fish have not seen before.

One thing I’m always tinkering with is variations on colors. The truth is that fish see things differently than we do and some colors are more appealing to us as fisherman just as they are to fish. One thing I’ve been doing over the years to get more bites is custom blending my paints to make new colors and fine tune my different color patterns on different bodies of water.

Pro Tec Powder Paint is my go to and when I need to paint jigs fast I’ve found this to be my preferred method to paint my jigs in most situations. Pro-Tec offers a variety of great fish catching colors and one of my favorite things to do is to mix them to make my own custom blends. By simply taking a couple of 2oz jars of Pro-Tec and taking a quick look at a color wheel you can make almost any color you can imagine. My good friend Brad Bull first introduced me to this concept when he was describing to me some custom blades he’d been making for tying up spinner harnesses. It was a custom blend of pumpkin powder paint he’d created by taking Blaze Orange and Yellow Chartreuse in equal parts. You can do this with most any of the powders Do-It offers. Equal parts of black and white will easily achieve a grey (shad like) color that is killer in the fall. There are endless combinations of blends that can be created by mixing paints. On certain days these small variations on colors can make a huge difference between getting bit and not getting bit.

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