Work on Lake of the Woods… Now Hiring 

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 Nov 26th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Work on Lake of the Woods… Now Hiring

Lake of the Woods Now Hiring! Did you know most people regret not taking enough chances in life and simply settling? Are you someone who has visited Lake of the Woods and thought, “I could live here?” Well, many local resorts and businesses are hiring and this is a great time to consider Lake of the Woods.

Lake of the Woods isn’t just a great place to fish, hunt and enjoy the great outdoors, it’s an excellent place to find good employment and do business. Not only is there a steady flow of visitors, there is a thriving local economy that boasts an educated workforce, world-class technology and an abundance of resources for those interested in opening, relocating or expanding a business. This area is a dream getaway. Lake of the Woods employment opportunities abound.

People visit Lake of the Woods County and Baudette for the stunning international waters and the breathtaking scenery of Northern Minnesota. Lake of the Woods offers four seasons of world-class fishing, a hunter’s paradise and a vast array of outdoor recreation. Winter is actually the busiest season at Lake of the Woods. The world class ice fishing, consistent ice conditions, daytime bite, millions of walleyes and saugers, and great resort community cater to anglers from many regions

Employment Opportunities! Have you ever thought about working in an area you love to vacation? There are a variety of opportunities and many have taken the step to work where they play and area businesses are hiring. Imagine fishing, hunting and simply living in an area people travel across the country to get to!

Right now, area resorts are looking for valued employees for a variety of positions. Whether it is an ice guide, working the front desk, cleaning rooms, food service, various hospitality positions, outside maintenance, marketing and the list goes on.

Guide employment opportunities, Lake of the Woods, Big Mike, Light ice rigA listing of local resorts can be found on the Lake of the Woods Tourism lodging page. Resorts are hiring on their resort websites, some on Facebook, and some positions may not be listed at all but there is still a need.

It is sometimes good if you are looking for work, to simply pick up the phone, call and inquire about open positions. It has been said about 80% of potential open positions are not advertised for. As a candidate for employment, this is also a good technique that also shows your willingness to work.

Quality healthcare and education. People stay in Lake of the Woods County because of the community. We take pride in our outstanding healthcare and nationally-recognized education with Lake of the Woods Schools ranking very high in Minnesota schools. There are positive things happening in town, such as the new Lake of the Woods International Arena, a new international bridge to Canada being put in place, a major remodel of Lake of the Woods Foods, addition of a Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bagels, a new distillery on Main Street and more.

The City of Baudette is the county seat. Whether looking to raise a family, grow your company or just looking for a change in scenery, for many, Lake of the Woods offers a better way of life.

As the winter months approach, many of the resorts are looking for good people to take advantage of excellent Lake of the Woods employment opportunities. Again, winter fishing on LOW is known to be some of the best in the world. Look no further than Here for many of the employment vacancies!

Right now there are openings and various area employers would love to meet with you. Visit www.gethookedforlife.com for more valuable information and also www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com. Another good option is to look at the Lake of the Woods Tourism Lodging page. Many of the resorts and hotels are hiring for a variety of positions, email them or give them a call.



Click here for the Lake of the Woods Tourism website.

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