What Causes the annual fall walleye run on the Rainy River

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What Causes the annual fall walleye run on the Rainy River?

    by Rachel Krohn

It is a tradition that has been taking place as long as folks have been keeping records.  Fall walleye fishing on the Rainy River.  Many anglers call this the most enjoyable, and some years, the best fishing of the year.  Why are so many walleyes headed for the river this time of year?  It has to do with the annual spawning run of the emerald shiners.  When the water temps hit a magic point, and the water is flowing and the sun lights our days for only so many hours, the shiners know instinctively, this is the time to head for the river and the walleyes are close behind.

Emerald shiners are a staple food of the walleyes in Lake of the Woods.  Find the shiners and most often, you have found the walleyes.

Anglers enjoy about 40 miles of navigable river from the mouth of the Rainy River at Wheeler’s Point all the way to the Manitou Rapids near the Franz Jevne access.  There are a number of public accesses along the Rainy River.     This slow moving river is absolutely beautiful.  The wilderness, the color of the trees, the migration of waterfowl and birds of prey.  So much to see amongst incredible walleye fishing.

Other species such as smallmouth bass, saugers, sturgeon and pike are also prevalent in the river.  When you are fishing, look across to Canada.  Half way across is Canada, so make sure you are fishing on the U.S. side as different rules apply to Ontario fishing.

Walleye anglers this time of year are typically using a jig and a minnow or frozen shiner.  Some anglers enjoy pulling crankbaits and covering water which can also be effective.  Whichever your method of fishing, the Rainy River in the fall provides some great fishing and unbelievable scenery that will keep you coming back each fall, just like the walleyes.

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