Team Metschke and Call make it two in a row for the CWA!

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 May 27th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified May 27th, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Gene Metschke and Larry Call are on a roll. After a solid day one performance on Saturday, and sitting in 7th place at Pueblo Reservoir in Southern Colorado, Gene and Larry put a five fish limit together of 11.72 pounds on Sunday that propelled them into first place with a total of 21.14 pounds, and gave them their second tournament win in as many tries for 2011 during the Colorado Walleye Association’s #2 points tournament held May 21st and 22nd.

Sitting in second but just over two pounds shy of Gene and Larry were the husband and wife team of Derek and Gail Kathol with a total weight of an even 19 pounds. Third place went to the hard charging team of Dave Kooser and Powers Cacey who made the jump all the way from 10th on Saturday. Their final weight was a very close 18.90 pounds. There were a variety of techniques were the key to success at Pueblo, where many teams reported catching over 100 walleye during the two days on the lake. The 18 ΒΌ” minimum size limit, and only two fish per team over 21″ made it an interesting tournament trying to weed through the numerous smaller fish. Most of the success came from bottom bouncers and dragging live bait, to some of the larger fish coming off jigs.

Next up for the CWA, we travel to the large and very well know Lake McConaughy just outside of Ogallala, Nebraska on June 11th and 12th. Big Mac as it is known by is famous for some of the largest walleye in the west where fish in the 10-12 pound range are not uncommon, with some tipping the scales at over 13 pounds, and recently a 16 pound monster was hauled in. This will prove to be a very interesting point tournament # 3 for the CWA as the lake is reaching peak water levels that haven’t been seen in over a decade.
              Top 10 Pueblo results below:

1st Member    2nd Member    Saturday    Sunday    Total
Angler #1    Angler #2    Weight     # Alive     Nt Weight    Weight     # Alive     Nt Weight    Sat + Sun
Gene Metschke    Larry Call                        9.42                               5                         9.42                        11.72                               5                        11.72                        21.14
Derek Kathol    Gail Kathol                        11.51                         5.00                         11.51                         7.49                               3                         7.49                       19.00
Dave Kooser    Powers Cacey                        7.78                               4                         7.78                         11.12                               5                         11.12                       18.90
Todd Fulton    Mat Lacy                        8.89                               5                         8.89                          9.10                               4                          9.10                       17.99
Brad Qualley    Mitch Petersen                        9.87                               5                         9.87                         6.33                               3                         6.33                       16.20
Barry Cundiff    Eric Thorn                        9.25                               5                         9.25                         6.48                               2                         6.48                       15.73
Dan Stringer    Shandra Stringer                        5.99                               4                         5.99                         9.69                               5                         9.69                       15.68
Cary Weaver    Ryan Bartingale                       11.42                               5                        11.42                         2.33                                1                         2.33                       13.75
Steve Spock    Ron Spock                       13.16                               5                        13.16                              –                                     –                          13.16
Dan Giordano    Bob Giordano                       10.12                               5                        10.12                         2.29                                1                         2.29                        12.41

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