South Dakota Walleye Classic Celebrity Fishing Day

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 Aug 15th, 2010 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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The 2010 South Dakota Walleye Classic is now complete for 11 of the top walleye Pros who stayed an extra day to take part in the 2010 South Dakota Walleye Classic Celebrity Fishing Day.

2010 AIM Akaska winner Jesse Buechel and 10 others enjoyed a day on the water with some of the Classic’s special guests and dignitaries from South Dakota.

 Lt. Governor Dennis Daugaard and his son shared a boat with local guide Chad Schilling, and enjoyed a successful day  catching walleyes on Oahe.| VIDEO

The South Dakota wind kicked up early this morning making it a bit rough on the Missouri River but all the boats filled their limits to enjoy for dinner at a later time!

South Dakota pro Rick Olson commented he’d actually have preferred it to have been a tournament day today, because many of his fish were in the “over” category.

All the pros and dignitaries are being welcomed back this evening for prime rib feast at the brand new Akaska Community Center.

The 11 Pros who fished with the dignitaries are:

Chad Schilling
Gary Parsons
Chase Parsons
Keith Kavajecz
Rick Olson
Tommy Skarlis
Robert Blosser
Pat Neu
Bruce “Doc” Samson
Jesse Buechel
David A. Andersen

The entire crew enjoyed banquet style prime rib dinner at the new Akaska Community Center hosted by the volunteers from the South Dakota Walleye Classic headquartered out of Akaska.

The dinner was highlighted by a short address from Lt. Governor Daugaard talking about his successful day on the water with his son and local Pro Chad Schilling, the hard work and dedication of the folks in Akaska and the Classic Crew, and the fact South Dakota is well known for tremendous hunting, yet needs to get the word out on the World Class fishing available on Oahe.

A video summary of the Classic and Festival prepared by Dustin Hoye of Sour Squirrel Studios was a close second to the tremendous food and hospitality offered the out of State Pros by both the dignataries and Akaska volunteers.

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