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 Feb 23rd, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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The AIM Professional Walleye Circuit has chosen some pretty awesome tournament sites for this 2012 season!!!  In fact, with AIM’s format of CRR (Catch, Record, Release), these sites hold the potential for setting HUGE WALLEYE RECORDS! 

The first stop on the AIM Professional Walleye Circuit will be held in Brimley, MI hosted by Bay Mills Resort and Casinos on May 31-June 2, 2012.  Lake Superior flows into the Saint Mary’s River and fishing for walleye, especially this time of year, will make this a really exciting event!  This will be AIM’s first Bay Mills CAN/AM (Canadian/American) Invitational.  Thirty-one Canadian teams and thirty-one American teams will fish out of 62 boats, each competing for the grand prize of $40,000.00!  plus additional prize money for the winning team. Each team has the potential of bagging 10+ pound walleyes just like American Pro Jim Carroll did in 2010 on Lake Superior!  Also fishing the CAN/AM event this year will be American Pro Angler Brett King.  Brett took first place last year cranking up big limits on Lake George.  This is truly a diverse fishery!

Canadian Captains, Joe Giuliani and John Butts have a strong contingency of anglers to compete against the American teams that Captains Brett King and Mark Martin have gathered.  It will be really exhilarating to see which team will bring home the VERY FIRST BAY MILLS CAN/AM AIM WALLEYE TITLE!!!

The second stop on the AIM Professional Walleye Circuit will be hosted by the Lorain Port Authority in Loraine, OH from June 28-30, 2012.  This will be the first time AIM will be holding an event at this location.  Once again AIM has chosen a prime time to hold an event out on Lake Erie!  The central Basin of Lake Erie is one of Ohio’s best kept secrets!  Walleyes are migrating from the western to the eastern basin and should be positioned around the infamous “sandbar”.  Especially during the month of June, all of the action is right out of Lorain!  Also with AIM’s CRR format and with the ability to count the seven largest fish each day; this tournament really holds the potential for some record breaking baskets!!! 

The third stop on the AIM Professional Walleye Circuit will be held on Green Bay in Wisconsin from July 20-22, 2012.  During July the fish are generally migrating to the north so fishing up near the host site of Oconto, WI should prove to be the perfect time to see huge limits hit the stage!  AIM is also introducing the exciting new format called The Pro Team Challenge!  Each boat will have three anglers instead of two!  Anglers will sign up as two person teams (pro teams).  Each day the pro team will draw a different co-angler into their boat allowing for six rods instead of four.  Wisconsin has a no-cull regulation for tournament fishing.  (Once a fish is placed into the livewell, the fish can’t be upgraded).  Once again AIM’s CRR format to the rescue!!!  As fish are caught, the fishermen simply take a photo, record it and the fish go right back into the water!  At the end of the tournament day, the seven largest fish that are recorded determine the team’s weight for the day.  CRR also allows teams to catch as many fish as possible.  Anglers don’t have to worry about having deductions taken for fish that might have died!  There are also no hassles worrying about regulated tournaments such as the no cull events.  Additional fishermen + additional rods = additional fun!!!   

The fourth and final stop on the AIM Professional Walleye Circuit for the 2012 season will be held at Lake of the Woods out of Baudette, MN and hosted by Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau from August 16-18.  This would normally be a slot restricted event, but as always AIM anglers will be able to weigh every single fish they catch!  The seven largest fish caught and recorded determine the weight for the team each day.  In the past, before CRR, having slot regulated tournaments didn’t allow the anglers to bring in their largest weight to the scales.  Current regulations in Lake of the Woods allows anglers to only keep fish under 19-1/2″ and one fish over 28″ (fish between 19-1/2″ and 28″ must be released)  The AIM CRR format allows the anglers to record their seven largest fish with no regard for the protected slot limit. Even multiple fish over 28″ (If you’re lucky enough to catch them)!  Anglers love the fact that they can simply fish!  The team that brings in the heaviest weights during the three day tournament wins!!!!  Being able to bring in huge weights is exciting and also gives each team the ability to “catch up” if they have a poor day on the water!  Fishing can get back to just that—fishing-and CRR has brought that “FUN” aspect back into the game! The fishermen love it and being able to release more live fish is a win/win for everyone!  This is the first time that the AIM circuit will be fishing on Lake of the Woods.  With the opportunity of catching huge fish over open water, or on the massive off shore structures, anglers certainly won’t want to miss this Lake of the Woods event!!! 

Every AIM Professional Walleye tournament site chosen this year was picked with great care.  AIM works together with the communities and the anglers to find sites that not only have the best potential for great weights, but also the promise of lifetime memories!  Come share in the fun.  Contact www.aimfishing.com if you are interested in fishing an AIM event.  Although the Bay Mills CAN/AM (Canadian/American) Invitational up in Brimley, MI is full to capacity; there are openings on both the professional and co-angler sides for the remaining tournaments.  Spread the word and tell everyone you know that an awesome opportunity is right around the corner!  You can sign up for one event or sign up for the whole season.  Why not think about signing a friend or spouse up and “give a tournament as a gift” to someone who would love the chance to fish AIM.  How many of you have dreamt about “fishing for a living”?  Join the AIM Professional Walleye Circuit today and start living the dream!  Be at the Right Place at the Right Time!!!

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