New Life Saving Device Priced Like Two ‘Happy Meals’

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 Apr 8th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Jackson, Wis. – Every day, one of the great mysteries in fishing repeats itself dozens of times at any given bait shop. Fishermen happily parting with $30, $50, even $100 for live minnows blindly dump them into a bucket of water-minus a life support system-yet expect to still have healthy fish food an hour or even days later. Perhaps frustrated by the notion that an aerator adds another expense, cutting into day-old donuts and un-chewable jerky, they carelessly choose unhealthy eating to the survival of bait.

Description: Image removed by sender.No more. New from the livebait maestros as FrabillĀ®, the Model #1420 Econo-Aerator pumps new life and fresh air-literally-into any minnow bucket or baitwell. It runs up to impressive 40-hours on 2 D-cell batteries.

The budget-conscious aerator clips to any bucket; sports a flexiblerubber air hose and an airstone. The  Econo-Aerator features an on off switch that’s watertight, too, thanks to a rubber-gasket cover. In a pinch, if you’re pinching pennies, it even runs on one battery by itself.

All this, plus one other tiny little detail… The Econo-Aerator costs just ten bucks-that’s less than a couple dozen minnows. Consider the following:

Plan A: 6am – Go to baitshop. Spend $30 on 4-dozen minnows. Put minnows in bucket without aerator. Noon – 3-dozen minnows floating belly up in bucket. 12:15pm – Return to baitshop. Spend another $30 on minnows. Beverage fund is depleted.

Plan B: 6am – repeat baitshop procedure. Invest $10 on an Econo-Aerator. Put minnows in bucket. Turn on Econo-Aerator. Noon – Ten fish caught. 3-dozen minnows still alive and kicking in bucket, minus those sacrificed to fish. 12:15pm – Land eleventh fish. End of day – celebratory suds and burgers at the lakeside tavern.

Description: Image removed by sender.”Value is a big deal these days,” says Frabill Marketing V.P. Jeff Kolodzinski. “We recognize that people are selective with their dollars, and that certainly includes fishing purchases. It’s why we worked extra hard to develop this new Econo-Aerator, giving it a solid-state, tough design that is built to last and last.

It’s all about big value for a small pricetag. A single $10 investment can save you a lot of money in livebait down the road, always keeping your minnows fresh, healthy and happy. At Frabill we like bait that’s happy, and so do the fish.”



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