MWC Walleye Madness Kicks Off at Spring Valley

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 Mar 12th, 2007 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Minnetonka, MN — A new bracketed tournament has arrived for team walleye fishing – in conjunction with the first Cabela’s MWC tournament of the 2007 season – Spring Valley. The bracketed format is entitled Walleye Madness and pays out once you reach the “Sweet Sixteen.” In order to be seeded in the event, teams must have fished the Cabela’s MWC Challenge the previous year.”This is an exciting new event in walleye fishing,” shared Greg Yarbrough of Port Clinton, Ohio, seeded number one in the bracket with his partner Jeff Manz of Vanderbilt, Michigan. The duo earned Cabela’s MWC Team of the Year honors in 2006, hence their #1 seed position. “The bass world has experimented with some bracketed Championships, but this is a first for us walleye fishermen. I think it will be fun – and maybe a little frustrating, too. The rules are that you just have to beat the team you’re bracketed against. Well…that could mean that we bring in 20 pounds and our competitor brings in 21 and we’re out. But in another bracket one team could bring in 5 pounds and the other 6 pounds, and the team with 6 pounds would advance, even though we wouldn’t advance with 20. So it is aptly named – Walleye Madness – because it will get a little crazy. You’ll have to have tunnel vision. Mano y mano. Just us versus them. One team at a time.”The first two days of the Spring Valley, Illinois tournament will reduce the bracket from 64 to 32 on day one, and 32 to 16 on day two. The field of the sixteen finalists will advance to Lake Erie in the `Walleye Madness at Midnight’ town of Port Clinton, Ohio, May 10th through 12th. “This is the walleye capital of the world – right here on Lake Erie,” chimed in Port Clinton’s Mayor Tom `Big Fish’ Brown. “I don’t think there’s another city in the world that’s as seriously into walleye fishing as Port Clinton, Ohio. Every New Year’s Eve a huge celebration occurs right where we will have the Walleye Madness weigh-in site. We drop Wiley, a 20-foot 600 pound fiberglass walleye, that reminds everyone just how big the walleye get in Port Clinton,” added the Mayor with a smile. “We are certainly proud to host the first Sweet Sixteen Walleye Madness finals at Port Clinton. We welcome the Cabela’s MWC to our fine town.”Each day the teams will weigh their fish, only competing against one other team in their bracket. Advance to fish another day and trophies and cash prizes await – with over $10,000 for the last team standing. The television crew from North American Media Group will be on-hand to film a made-for-TV show, following the drama of team pitted against team..and who will advance. Kristine Houtman, Cabela’s MWC director will host the show and also emcee on stage. “I really like the shows that give the behind-the-scenes drama mixed with the sport and performance – like The Contender with boxing,” shared Houtman. “I think the television show from Walleye Madness will have that kind of feel. More than just tips and technique, you’ll also see the stories of the stress behind the strategy, competition amongst friends, can’t-sleep-all-night worrying and, as in any sporting event, the agony of defeat.” The 30 minute show will air on Versus (Vs.) network, dates and times will be posted on the bulletin board at www.masterswalleyecircuit.com.”Getting into the Walleye Madness bracket next year will get a little tougher,” shared Scott Hausauer of Appleton, Wisconsin, seeded twelfth with partner Tony Larson of Gladstone, Michigan. Thirty-five teams entered the bracket this year, although the brackets would accommodate up to 64, creating day one byes for the majority of teams. “Once teams realize how fun this type of competition is – and what it will be like to make it to the Sweet Sixteen Finals and be in the television show, more teams will want to get involved” continued Hausauer.The location for next year’s Walleye Madness is not yet known, but the competition is sure to grow with this exciting format. Teams must complete the MWC Challenge this year in order to be eligible to jump into the Walleye Madness bracket in 2008. Just a reminder, the MWC Challenge is three tournaments from a division (Central or East) plus picking up a fourth tournament of their choice.Cabela’s is the title sponsor for the Masters Walleye Circuit. Official Sponsors are Ranger Boats, Mercury Motors, MotorGuide, Lowrance Electronics, Toyota Trucks, North American Fishing Club and Versus (Vs.) television. Associate sponsors are Tommy Docks, The Inhibitor, Food Source Lures, Ice Armor and Farm & City Insurance Services.For more information contact Cabela’s MWC Club headquarters by email at: [email protected] or toll-free by phone at 877-893-7947. More information is available on the Cabela’s MWC website at: www.masterswalleyecircuit.com

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