Monster walleye caught on Midwest Outdoors

 Sep 29th, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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It doesn’t always work out this way.  Fall fishing on Lake of the Woods however has potential for these kind of outings.  When filming an episode of Midwest Outdoors, we normally try and put our best foot forward and show of many of the outdoor opportunities available to outdoors minded folks.  This day it was about the great fall fishing anglers can experience on Lake of the Woods.
We were putting together a show on jigging with frozen shiners from a charter boat and walleyes were snapping.  From the moment the anchor was set on the 27′ Sportcraft, fish were coming into the boat.  There is nothing like the feel of a solid tap or perhaps the weight of a “wet sock” hanging on the end of your line for a walleye angler.  Set the hook and let the fight begin.  This scenario took place literally dozens of times throughout the day.  The fish were thick.
One of the highlights nice to get across while walleye fishing on LOW is the opportunity for a trophy walleye.  Lake of the Woods is fortunate to have a good population of true trophy walleyes.  Not every lake or river is fortunate enough to say this.
There are a number of factors that have to come together in the makings of a trophy walleye fishery.
Gene Pool. There needs to be the right genetics in the system to grow monster walleyes.
Big Water.  With a diversity of spawning areas and a variety of bait throughout the year, big water is conducive for a consistent trophy walleye fishery.
High protein bait such as tulibees.  The MN DNR tells us that when you have a trophy walleye or pike lake, there is typically a common bait source, the tulibee.  Tulibees are a high protein source that allows walleyes and other fish that eat them to get very big.  MTT Anglers commented in this past tournament how big walleyes had tails of tulibees hanging out of their mouth and still ate a big crankbait!
Well, this show came together nicely and without saying much more, check out the fish Midwest Outdoors host Greg Jones hooks into to close the show.  This big walleye was worthy enough to earn Greg the title (at least for this episode) of Greg “The Trophy Hunter” Jones.  Enjoy!

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