Johnnie Candle and Bruce ‘Doc’ Samson Announce Spring Walleye School

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 Nov 12th, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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NPAA Members #42 Johnnie Candle and #80 Doc Samson announce their spring Walleye School to be held at Cedar Shore Resort, Chamberlain SD located on the banks of the beautiful Missouri River. Dates for the school are April 26, 2013 – April 28, 2013

Top walleye experts, Doc Sonar (Bruce Samson) and Johnnie Candle combine blocks of

classroom teachings with on the water application for a fun weekend filled with great information for walleye fishing success. Learn how to setup and read your sonar/electronics to get the ultimate performance then go out on the water to apply what you have learned. Learn how Doc and Johnnie approach new water using mapping and other tools of the trade to pattern the best fishing locations then learn how to select the proper presentation plus new fishing techniques to catch walleye. An added bonus make new friends!
For sign up info go to…
*    http://www.doctorsonar.com/classes.html
*    http://www.johnniecandle.com/walleye_schools.htm
*    Jenny DuFrain with Cedear Shores Resort for application/sign-up [email protected]

Reviews from the 2012 Walleye School

“Learned more in one short weekend than 30 years of teaching myself; a terrific idea, a great time and an outstanding value!!”

 “I was at the school as well. I’ve fished walleye all of my life. I have fished all over Minnesota and Western Ontario. With at least 40 years of “intelligent” experience under my belt, I thought I knew a lot. Come to find out there’s a whole lot more to learn. PLUS learning WHY I’ve done the things I do walleye fishing that my Dad passed down to me- why these things work sometimes and sometimes don’t. Being able to pick Doc and Johnnie’s brains and SHARED information from classmates creates a learning experience that will greatly improve your time spent on the water. One simple tip the first day changed the way I’ve been using my sonar since they were invented! Not that I was wrong; It was that I was only scratching the surface of HOW to use it. If you’ve ever watched one of Doc’s, Johnnie’s or other professional fisherman’s instructional videos- you’ve probably wanted to run right to the lake to try the tips in the show. With the Walleye school, the lake is right there!”

“I attended along with about 32 others, It was a great experience, Learned a lot. The instructors Doc Samson, Johnnie Candle and Kirt Hedquist were all superb. They shared their knowledge along with demonstrating various techniques on the water {your option].”

“If you really want to know how the pros fish lakes you will learn that there. And the other 13 or so anglers I talked with all felt the same”

“Make Plans NOW for next year! HEY and don’t forget your wife- this is not a male-only event! There were at least a couple of gals that had a great time AND asked some of the BEST questions during class sessions!”

“What I didn’t count on was making so many NEW friends! People that fish have more than that in common; like beliefs that instantly made the whole group in the cabin “classmates” that helped each other.”

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