How to Ice Fish Walleye with the Drop Shot Rig

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 Jan 9th, 2020 by sworrall 

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How to Ice Fish Walleye with the Drop Shot Rig

Using a combination of jigging and setlines is a proven 1-2 punch that produces walleyes throughout the ice fishing season. Mille Lake fishing Guide Tony Roach has adapted his open water drop shot system to target walleyes through the ice. Although jigging can outperform, few anglers will deny the day-in-day-out effectiveness of a lively minnow unable to escape.

-VMC Tungsten Drop Shot Cylinder Weights: https://wired2.fish/VMC-DropShotCylin…
-VMC 9299 Octopus Hooks, size: 6: https://wired2.fish/VMC-OctopusHooks
-StrikeMaster Lithium 40v Auger: https://wired2.fish/StrikeMaster40v
-Sufix Invisiline Fluorocarbon Ice Line, 6lb: https://wired2.fish/Sufix-Ice-Fluoro
-St. Croix Custom Dead Eye Ice Rod, C132MM: https://wired2.fish/StCroixCustomIceRod
-Pflueger President Spinning Reel, PRESSP20X: https://wired2.fish/PfluegerSpinningReel
-HT Enterprises Wire Rod Holder: https://wired2.fish/WireRodHolder

Tony shares several reasons why the drop shot rig has become his go-to setline over more traditional setups such as tip-ups and conventional dead sticking with a split shot rig. Roach walks us through the process of setting a dead stick drop using a wire rod holder and loose spinning reel drag. A quality rod, reel and line set up improves landing ratios through better fish-fighting efficiently over handlining methods.


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