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July 28, 2015 Fargo, ND, Moorhead, MN: F-M Walleyes Unlimited, Inc., was recently inducted into the North Dakota Fishing Hall of Fame. The first organization ever to be inducted. Club members were presented the award during the July 16th induction ceremony held in conjunction with the ND Governors Walleye Cup Tournament, in Garrison, ND.
The North Dakota Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Garrison, North Dakota. The museum is housed at North Country Marine & Motorsports. Photographs of all Hall of Fame members are on display as well as numerous historical and antique fishing items are available for viewing.

F-M Walleyes Unlimited, Inc. (FM Walleyes Unlimited) was founded in 1977 under the mission of “promoting conservation, sportsmanship and education in respect to walleye fishing”. The founding members recognized that through good habits of taking fish with sportsmanlike conduct, better fishing would result for all. Initial objectives set forth in the club bylaws by the founding members included:

•    Awareness of sportsmanlike habits and conduct.
•    Conservation of the taking, release of and the stocking of walleye in area lakes. Learning what members could do to improve lake conditions, access to lakes and facilities available in local areas.
•    Sharing of techniques, location and information.
•    Demonstrations of new equipment and techniques by club members and fishing equipment manufacturers and their representatives.
•    Sharing of facilities, equipment & techniques during club sponsored outings.

Since that time, FM Walleyes Unlimited has experienced extensive growth, change and taken on additional responsibility. Opportunities to become involved in the sport fishing world in North Dakota, Minnesota, Manitoba and beyond have blossomed, allowing the continued pursuit of the mission of the club. Over time the focus on this mission has not been lost and members of this organization, both old and new, have always embraced the opportunity to share their passion for the sport that they love in ways that invite and nurture that passion in others.

FM Walleyes Unlimited was inducted to the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in 2011 as an “Outstanding Organization”.

For more information contact Scott Brewer at (701) 388-4408 or Kyle Agre at (701) 492-1242

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