Extraordinary Lodging Experiences at Lake of the Woods

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 Jun 5th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Extraordinary Lodging Experiences at Lake of the Woods

You will find extraordinary lodging experiences when you come to visit Lake of the Woods. Most visitors come to Lake of the Woods for the incredible outdoor activities. Fishing is certainly at the top of the list but do not forget boating, relaxation, birding and wildlife viewing, golf, water sports, and more. With such a variety of activities, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of resorts and hotels to meet the varied needs of travelers.

From a small resort with cabins that a family or group can cook their own meals to more of a hotel setting to larger resorts with brand new cabins with all of the conveniences of home, Lake of the Woods has a little bit of everything.

You are able to take a scenic drive through virgin forest areas, use ATV trails, see the state’s flower along roadsides, gaze at the rapids, watch the pelicans, look for deer and see how many eagles you can spot. Beautiful Lodging Experience to make you feel at home. Nature always offers you great entertainment as well as exploring the great waters of Lake of the Woods.

The beach at Zippel Bay State Park offers a great place to collect shells and allow the kids to go swimming in safe and shallow depths of cool water. I am constantly amazed at the fine offerings of lodging options in this area. You can rent smaller mom and pop cabins or stay in a resort with swimming pools and restaurants.

Hospitality is the very best feature of our resort community. As a local person, I must say that each resort owner is so open to have us visit their restaurant, or sit and have a beverage while watching the boats come in, or just enjoy a relaxing time sitting at their beach area. People that have visited our area are usually repeat visitors because they are greeted like family that comes time and again to continue forming relationships with proprietors and their staff.

The Lodging Page on the Lake of the Woods website is a good page to bookmark and keep handy the next time you are searching for a Lake of the Woods getaway! Go to www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com, click on lodging, and choose which area you would like to stay in. Our area is divided in three parts so that it’s easier for you to choose which part of the area you would like to stay. After you click on that area, you will find each resort listed with an introductory picture, the website for that resort and phone number.

Click on the resort of your choice and you will be able to see photos of rooms/cabins that are available, rates, location and a listing of all the amenities that that resort offers. It’s a great way to shop!!!

If you are every having difficulties finding lodging or are booking last minute, try our Lodging Availability Request. This is a quick way to send out an email to all of our resorts for your desired dates and get a quick reply on who has openings. Be sure to explore the compete website at www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com for interesting blog articles recipes, fishing reports and all the fabulous attributes of this northland location.

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