Eric Olson Partners with Vexus

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 Jan 14th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Eric Olson Partners with Vexus

Times- they are a changin’. That’s a given in almost any period of time in sport fishing and in the fishing boat biz as well. Veteran walleye fishing tournament pro Eric Olson is among those making a major change this year. After two decades fishing out of the same boat brand, Olson had an opportunity this year to jump into a Vexus boat and ply his trade on the Cabela’s National Walleye Tour.

Olson travels the country educating people about fishing and boating and has the tournament winning accolades to back him up. Earning victories in tournaments such as a Masters Walleye Circuit (MWC) Championship and an FLW Tour event, Eric is one of the top anglers on tour in recent years. Olson knows what it takes for a boat to provide a quality ride, fuel efficiency, and fishability. In his opinion, Vexus is the brand to be running now and in the future.

“I’m very excited to be the first to join the Vexus multispecies team for the 2020 season and beyond,” said Olson. “This is a tremendous opportunity and I’m incredibly proud to be selected by this cutting-edge boat company lead by an amazing team of dedicated, driven, and welcoming staff.” The folks at Vexus are pleased to have Olson onboard as their first pro promoting their multispecies line. “We’ve known Eric for decades,” says Vexus Boat President Keith Daffron.“During that time, he became a friend to many of us. Eric defines what an Ambassador can and should be. His willingness and effort coupled with product knowledge will be a valuable asset as we introduce anglers to the DVX lineup. We’re thrilled to have him on board.”

With amazing design concepts and the mind of the angler at the forefront of these new boats, the Vexus company is poised to take the market by storm, but more importantly, to make every angler’s time on the water better. Whether you’re a beginning angler or a tournament pro, the Vexus DVX models will get you there, maximize your enjoyment, and get you back comfortably and in style. “Fishing the Pro Walleye Tour puts both the angler and equipment in rough conditions on a regular basis,” states Olson. “I have a need for a boat than can handle the conditions and also allow me to fish comfortably in it as well.

The Vexus DVX series boats will exceed any of those needs, and with an Evinrude 300G2 power plant, it will do it more quickly and efficiently than anything else on the market. “Designed with the angler in mind with rod storage, keeping the catch alive, and incredible all-around performance, the new DVX20 will be the perfect blend of design elements to help me perform my best whether on the tournament trail or having a relaxing day cruising on the river. “I’m looking forward to showing everyone what truly makes Vexus the brand of the future, from bow to stern and port to starboard.

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