Does Scent Actually Work For Walleye Fishing?

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 Mar 11th, 2019 by sworrall 

Modified Mar 11th, 2019 at 2:45 PM

One the big debates in walleye fishing… Does scent actually make a difference when walleye fishing. Walleye anglers around the country have largely debated this, and we think in our personal opinions that scent absolutely does make a difference for walleye fishing in lakes, creeks, rivers, and more! Walleye fishing typically your looking for a reaction bite or an aggression bite, but in some instances some scent on your jig or plug or whatever your fishing is just what you need to get a finicky walleye to bite. In this video Tj and Tyler from Addicted Fishing talk about the scents we use for walleye fishing and why it makes a difference. Thanks for watching and please tap that subscribe button for more walleye content!


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