Bruce ‘Doc Sonar’ Samson Takes Win at Lorain AIM

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 Jun 30th, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Crestliner/Mercury Pro Doc Samson went out this morning promising a win. He said on stage, ‘ I was ready. It takes a list, and I was ready. I also was a little cocky.’

‘Now I’m going to have to eat some crow; I have always said I’d never win a trolling tournament!’

Doc was pulling custom painted large spinners supplied by Silver Streak blades bought locally at Erie Outfitters, and credited the research he did, and help early and during prefish from local talent. He’s known for swinging for the fences, and when he wins, he usually wins big. This time, he beat a field of anglers who repeatedly said the Lorain area provided the best big walleye fishing they have ever seen, and beat them by two big fish at 16 pounds. This was Doc’s eighth major win.

Second went to a hard charging Lund/Mercury Pro Mike Gofron, who came from back of the pack in the top ten to second on the virtues of 59.32 day three weight. Mike was trolling cranks deep, and had a tough second day with 48.25 after a first day weight of a then record setting 63.03.

Speaking of records…

Don Loch had a VERY tough day yesterday, arriving late with a good weight to be disqualified. Despite the obvious loss of a chance for his first major win or at the very least a good check, came back on day three, and fished with Matt Pikka, a Muskie convert fishing the AIM Co- Angler side. Don set an all time AIM record at 7 fish over 10 pounds and 70.2 pounds. If he had arrived on time yesterday, he would have taken the win handily.

Third went to Mike Zaborski, fourth to Chase Parsons, fifth to Charles Robinson, sixth to Gary Parsons, and seventh to Keith Kavajecz rounding out the places earning a check.

Gary Parsons was drawn for the Yamaha 9.9 kicker from the anglers who registered early.


AIM Lorain Payouts:

Lorain, OH 2012           
1    Bruce Samson     $16,000    
2    Mike Gofron     $5,800    
3    Mike Zaborski     $3,800    
4    Chase Parsons     $3,300    
5    Charles Robinson     $2,800    
6    Gary Parsons     $2,000    
7    Keith Kavajecz     $1,100

Next up for AIM is the Pro Team event in Oconto. Watch the AIM website at www.aimfishing.com for information on the AIM Oconto Team Challenge.

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