Anti Negativity Rant: 2008 PWT Super Pro CAN-AM

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 Jul 22nd, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Jul 22nd, 2008 at 12:00 AM

–begin rant–

It's time to get the facts out before other website sludge threads muck up reality so badly those non- factoids become almost believable due to repetition alone.

The In Fisherman PWT Super Pro Can-Am is scheduled for August 13th through the 15th in Dryden, Ontario on Wabigoon Lake. A full field of Canadian and US based Pros will compete Team to Team for Country Honors and for the win, fishing for a payout of 150% not including contingencies. Possible payouts to the winner beginning with the PWT payout of $25,000.00, if that angler has the proper boat and motor combination, could be as high as $69,500.00 by this reporter's math, including the $500.00 Team victory.

The PWT Can-AM event is a revolutionary concept, pitting one Country's Team against another Country's Team, and is an ARTIFICIAL lure ONLY event, creating yet another challenge to the field of Pros. The entry fee is down 50% from the Super Pro Events of 2007, yet the payout is 150% of entries and possibly much more if the winner qualifies for guaranteed contingencies.

The Pro payouts, listed plainly on the PWT Website under the MORE than obvious Can-AM tab titled 'Pro Payouts' are available here:


So much for the claims posted elsewhere today.

WalleyeFIRST will be there covering the event. Watch for some supertanker walleyes to be weighed, Wabigoon has been kicking out 10 to13 pound Walleyes all spring and summer.

end rant

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