2019 Northern Ontario Walleye Trail News Letter

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 May 27th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  291

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MAY 2019Official Newsletter of the northern Ontario Walleye Tournaments

This issue: What’s new for Angler of the year Message from the NOWT President


Let me begin by saying thanks to all the volunteers, anglers and sponsors that have supported the NOWT over the years. It has taken many years and a lot of hard work, but I can finally sit here and say the circuit has essentially become what the original NOWT board envisioned 16 years ago. It has taken a lot longer than expected but the current product is well worth the wait. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of work ahead of us especially with the new board setting the bar even higher for the coming years. I anticipate the 2019 season will be remembered as the season that catapulted the NOWT from a regular walleye tournament circuit to a premier walleye tournament circuit. The culmination of two years of behind the scenes work by the board and sponsors has allowed the circuit to realize a number of goals. The largest and most notable goal was to have a NOWT championship. The inaugural NOWT championship will see the top 25 Anglers/Teams from the 2018season competing for a prize package in excess of approx. $76,000. This massive prize pool is only possible with the support of our corporate sponsors. Please take the time to visit our web site and Facebook page to see our extensive list of sponsors. It is also important to remember that sponsorship is a partnership which benefits both parties so if the NOWT wants to continue to receive sponsor benefits,we anglers also need to support our sponsors.There have and will continue to be many more positive changes over the next couple years including incorporation, AOTY rings, new sponsors, increased opportunities for prizes to name a few. This news letter is another important addition the board implemented to help improve the communication between the board of directors and the NOWT anglers. The intent was to provide a vehicle for the board to communicate with its members on a regular basis. The board is always open to suggestions so message us if you have an idea or comment.Before I finish, I would like to take a moment to thank the current board of directors for all their hard work. Without their efforts, energy and dedication the NOWT could have never got to where it is today and where it plans to go in the future. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed by me and I’m sure the membership of the NOWT will also feel the same following this season.NOWT 2019Sponsors2019 NOWT Board of Directors Tournament Info2019 Championship Prizeswww.nowt.ca/

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