Sheboygan Salmon Cup Recap

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Sheboygan Salmon Cup Recap VIA Tournament Trail’s Email Blast!!

Two 30’s in Sheboygan!!!
Manistee Budweiser up next
Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Big Numbers Out of Sheboygan!

A couple of unique things about this King caught by Team Grandpa VI.
#1: It was the first official 30 pounder of the season.
#2: Even at its official weight of 30 pounds even, it was only good for 2nd place Big Fish!
Yep. Grandpa VI brought in their monster on Day 1 of the Salmon Cup leaving everybody thinking that the Big Fish Bonus Money was all locked up. However on Day 2 team Screamin’ Drag hoisted a monster of their own onto the 333 scales. 30.40 pounds! It just go to show that its never over till its over!

That Monster King gave Screamin’ Drag the 333 Title, the Big Fish Bonus Money, the TRS Reel Shot Big Fish Bonus and a final 3-fish weight of 77.85 pounds. That marks the heaviest 333 catch of all time!

333 Champs: Screamin’ Drag 77.85 pounds!

Screamin’ Drag with their 30.40 lb King

On the Pro/Am Side it was a story of massive comebacks and last minute victories. Team Class-Sea overcame a 30 point day 1 deficit to steal the title from defending champs Grandpa VI. For the AMs it was The Money Pit who had nearly lost all hope before boating a pair of 20+ pounders in the final half hour of the day 2 fishing period. Those last minute Kings not only boosted their spirits, but they also boosted their score past day 1 leaders Nutin’ EZ to give them the 2019 Am Division Title!

2019 Pro Champs: Class-Sea

2019 Am Champs: The Money Pit

The Big Kings are out there! Over 2 dozen 20+ pound Kings came across the 333 scales in Sheboygan. 5 of them were over 25 and 2 of them broke the 30 pound mark! In addition to Screamin’ Drag’s record setting weight, 2 other teams broke the 70 pound mark – Grandpa VI at 74.00 and Class-Sea at 70.20.

Pro/Am Results
333 Results

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Pro Champs: Class-Sea

333 Champs: Screamin’ Drag

With Screamin’ Drag’s 30.40 pound King they were able to put together a 333 weight of 77.85 pounds. It is the heaviest 333 catch of all time! Congrats.

Am Champs: The Money Pit

Big Fish Honorable Mention

Grandpa VI weighed the first official 30 pounder of the TT season on Day 1. Who’d have thought it would only be good for 2nd place Big Fish…?


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