Cast Iron Skillet Salmon Recipe

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 Dec 31st, 2018 by Keith Worrall  273

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Cast-Iron Skillet Salmon Vesuvio

Peter Block is a soulful, creative genius in the kitchen. Specializing in healthy and gluten free recipes, the home chef can find all the inspiration they need from his blog, Feed Your Soul Too. He affectionately dubs his time spent cooking his “labor of love,” and we are happy to share the fruits of his efforts with you all. Peter’s Cast-Iron Skillet Salmon Vesuvio is zesty & bold, with a garlic bite and the smooth mouthfeel of wild coho salmon. Pair it with crispy potatoes, blanched kale, or eat it cold with fresh greens. It’s good for you, your soul, and your immune system. Enjoy!


View The Full Recipe Here! Cast-Iron Skillet Salmon Vesuvio Zesty, Bold, & Gluten-Free

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