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 Apr 27th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  1110

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Tricking a Musky during an ALL-DAY Rainstorm! + INSANE Strike!!!

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Published on Apr 26, 2019
Prior to the arrival of a major rain or thunderstorm musky action can be intense but sometimes, for reasons unknown, there is absolutely no musky movement at all! With storm clouds on the horizon anticipation for a strike can be at an all-time high but with no action, what tactic do you utilize to contact an aggressive musky and score! After all, the conditions look perfect! Right!?

In episode 30 I run into this exact scenario! I had a major storm system moving into the area and as I headed out to my first spot I thought for certain that I was going to hook up with a hot musky right away. But in reality what happened really surprised me! There was no musky action at all! For hours I pounded weed flats, edges and rock piles, trying to stay as diverse as possible but I just couldn’t generate any attention from a resident musky.

So what strategy sealed the deal for me? Ultimately, sometimes it just comes down to simply “outlasting” them. Or as Vince Lombardi once stated, “Three yards and a cloud of dust!” Just keep your head down and keep moving the ball and slowly but surely, you will score a first down and eventually get a touchdown.

Once the all-day rain set in I knew it was going to be a tough bite. There was no significant feeding window before the storm and once the rain set in, I could just feel that the muskies were in a lockdown.

One thing I very much rely on in these extreme circumstances is the moon and its 4 daily movements that strongly influence musky activity. The 4 key phases are: moonrise, moonset, moon overhead and moon underfoot. My goal was to make sure my casts were landing over my very best musky holding structure during the moon phase that was closest to my fishing time and… I scored on a nice fish.

After the small window major period window opened and closed, there was no other significant musky activity and the rain just continued to pour down. I knew that I had taken advantage of the small window that was likely, the only significant opportunity of the day.

Lastly, a tactic that I have written about and shown in many videos certainly helped me here again: downsizing. I switched to a 500 series Buchertail tinsel (Goldie Locks) because I just was not seeing the action I was looking for when throwing the larger presentations. When faced with challenging conditions downsize your presentation to trigger a reaction from neutral/negative mood fish.

Gear and Equipment:

For more information about the complete lineup of 500 series Buchertail tinsel bucktails please visit: http://www.joebucheroutdoors.com/buch…

For more information on the complete lineup of St. Croix’s Legend Elite musky rods, including the LEM90MHF used in this video, please visit: https://stcroixrods.com/collections/f…


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Thumbnail artwork: Michael Richardson

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