Inside the mind of a world champion Musky Angler

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 Dec 28th, 2018 by Keith Worrall  570

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LAKE ST. CLAIR, Mich. — If Spencer Berman was a vintner, he would be looking out across those neat rows of grapevines now, raising a brilliant merlot and remarking that this has been an exceptionally good year. If he were a stock investor, a quick scan through the latest earnings report would tell him that it was a very profitable year.

But Berman is a muskie fisherman, so in a razor-edge kind of cold on an winter-like day here recently, he was muskie fishing in the snow. The case has been made more than once that the purebred, hardcore, maniacal muskie fishermen might be a couple of pins short of a full frame, and that would get no argument from Berman.

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