How to Use Moon Phases to Catch more Muskies

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Published on May 2, 2019
The mystery of the moon and exactly how and why it influences the behavior or large predators like muskies has had ecologists scratching their heads for decades. How is it that a rock orbiting our planet so far away can have such a noticeable impact on the behavior of animals?

We do know for certain how the moons orbit controls the rise and fall of the ocean tides but how could the gravitational pull of the earth on the moon and the moon on the Earth have an impact on muskies in a lake or reservoir? After all, there is no daily rise or fall of lake water levels so what could the behavior be due to?

One of my theories is that the moon’s movements (lunar forces) have a significant impact on invertebrates, such as zooplankton and other species of protozoans, in such a way that makes them more susceptible to predation by minnows, panfish and other smaller species. The increase in movement and feeding behavior by various prey species spurs predators such as muskies to feed out of instinct and thus take advantage of this as opportunistic feeders.

Regardless of what is actually happening under the surface during solunar phases, one thing is certain: you must take advantage of these windows because muskies feed in relation to these times.

An important point that must be made though is that muskies and other species do not just “turn on” and start jumping into the net everywhere across the lake during lunar phases! Many anglers make the mistake of going out and just fishing any old spot during a major or minor period and, after experiencing little success, chalk the moon up to a hoax.

Rather, finding success with solunar phases requires strategy with the timing and location of your attack. First off, do not fish just any spot during a moon phases, fish your BEST spot during these times or a spot that you know to hold a large musky. And secondly, you must dial your approach in so that your casts are delivering your presentation to the “spot on the spot,” also known as the most likely area a musky will be holding to feed.

If you apply these tips and strategy to your musky hunting game this season I am certain that you will increase your catching consistency under challenging conditions and grow as an angler.

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