Two Behemoth Muskies in 10 Casts

 Oct 21st, 2023 by sworrall 

Modified Oct 21st, 2023 at 10:00 AM

As all musky anglers know any day in October can be magical. As we left Andy Myers Lodge docks in the Recon, what we didn’t know was that this October day would be totally ours.

As most all muskie anglers know Eagle Lake out of Andy Myers Lodge offers way above-average potential for giant Muskies. Literally, any cast can be ‘the one’ which I’m used to, but  2 in 10? This was one of the most exciting few minutes EVER in muskie fishing.

I was fishing with a long-time family friend and client John Anderson. He’s no newcomer to muskie fishing and has fished them successfully for years. John is getting up there in age (76) but can hang in there all day with the best of them. We pulled up to our first spot of the morning and 5 casts in he was hooked up with a true eagle lake giant; the ‘one’ muskie that people travel great distances and fish a lifetime hoping to experience. After an extremely hard fight 4 times back and forth and around the trolling motor he was able to get her over to me and I put her in the net. I am pictured holding his fish because after the fight he felt he could not properly hold the fish and did not want to chance hurting her. After a bunch of high-fives, man hugs, and the ‘shakes’ of what just had happened, we continued on to the next spot.

John wanted to relax after his accomplishment and asked if I wanted to cast while we reminisced about what just had happened. I quickly jumped at the opportunity and it was around my 5th cast I got crushed on my 3rd rip. The fish immediately came to the surface and I told John we had another one just as big if not bigger. He grabbed the net and after another hard battle, I was able to bring it to net the for him. We both couldn’t believe what had just taken place in such a short time span! Close to 100 lbs of musky, 2 fish, with literally 10 casts in total.

Truly a day every muskie fisherman lives for.  Is it possible for me to see that happen again?

Who knows….but I will be out there trying.

Editor’s Note: Danny Herbeck has been fishing muskies his entire life. Introduced to the sport by his father, Steve, Danny lives in the Dryden, Ontario area and guides out of Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake.

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