Toothy Predators Dine Gourmet On Castaics New Swimmin Cisco

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 Apr 1st, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Brainerd, MN, March 31, 2009 – In the eyes of giant Esocids-those eating machines called pike and muskies-there are gourmet meals, and then there is every other critter that swims.  Amid the current craze over record-class muskies, in waters such as Mille Lacs, Vermillion and Lake of the Woods, as well numerous Great Lakes jewels, a singular preyfish captivates toothy predators (and trophy anglers) like no other species: the cisco.  Prized by pike and muskies for its delicious, energy rich flesh, the cisco is regularly imitated by lure makers.  And yet a true-to-life clone has never been achieved.  Until now.

Castaic Swimmin Cisco

Like their other swimbait masterpieces, Castaic crafted its new Swimmin’ Cisco using their proprietary “Actual Species Replication” process.  No other lure company offers such realism, both in form and function.  The 10-inch swimbait features design elements that make it the most durable soft muskie and pike lure on the market.  Unlike other softbaits that tear apart after a few fish, the Swimmin’ Cisco features Castaic’s exclusive ‘Inner Armor’ Fiber Skeleton, and withstands repeated toothy gashes.  Similar to the interior cartilage structure of a live shark, the soft, flexible skeleton reinforces vital joint sections, while preserving the lure body’s integrity.  The Swimmin’ Cisco takes a licking and keeps on kicking.

“Every top muskie angler and guide knows that ciscoes are the preferred forage of the largest predators,” says Castaic Sales Manager and avid muskie angler, Steve Hanson.  “It’s the food that grows giants.  Particularly in fall when the largest pike and muskies are up hunting big meals, the Swimmin’ Cisco is phenomenal; the closest lure to the real thing we’ve ever seen.

“You can fish this bait in so many ways,” Hanson continues.  “Retrieve it straight at any speed for a graceful swimming motion.  Do a pull-pause maneuver, which triggers some really big fish.  Give the rod a quick pop, which actually makes the bait turn in a writhing 180-degree arc.  There’s no other muskie lure on the market capable of this deadly presentation.”

 The Swimmin’ Cisco was designed to crack the code on the largest, most elusive toothy predators in freshwater.  The 10-inch sinking swimbait (sinks 10-inches per second) precisely mimics the preferred size, action and texture of a live cisco.  This breakthrough lure includes the ‘No-Throw’ Sliding Hook System and patented Magnetic Hook Holder-additional innovations designed to hook and boat more pike and muskies.  It is available in nine Esox-friendly color patterns, including Natural Cisco, Golden Cisco, Fire Tiger, Mad Shad, Black-Orange, Red Shad, Chartreuse-Black, Ghost Glitter, and Lemon Shad.  Get a first-time look at this hot new lure, which will be introduced at the Castaic booth at the Minnesota Muskie Expo, April 3, 4, and 5.  To learn more about Castaic’s Swimmin’ Cisco, visit www.castaicswimbait.com.

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