Tips on Fishing Small Deep-Diving Musky Crankbaits!

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 Mar 14th, 2019 by sworrall 

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Musky Mastery
Published on Feb 15, 2019
Ever since I caught my first musky on a baby DepthRaider in August of 1999 I have been obsessed with increasing my knowledge and honing my skills in the world of crankbaits! Their versatility to trigger strikes from muskies in a wide variety of different structures from wood, rocks and weeds to even suspended fish, makes them an invaluable tool for musky hunters.

In this video I discuss in detail my approach to using one of my all-time favorite musky lures: the baby DepthRaider! And it is a favorite lure of mine for good reason because it consistently produces muskies for both my guide clients and myself all season long.

We will start by reviewing the equipment that I prefer to use for getting the most out of the baby DepthRaider followed by an in-depth conversation on strategy. Why would you choose the baby DR over another style crankbait and when is the best time to throw it?

You also might be wondering what technique you should employ while working the baby DR along a deep weed edge versus over the top of a rock reef. In this video I will cover these topics and many others so if you’re looking to step your musky game up this season by throwing deep divers, then this review is for you!

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