The Bender!

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 Mar 11th, 2019 by sworrall 

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The Bender!

No, not something college kids do over a weekend of partying, but a new lure with excellent fish catching abilities.

Dan White is the creator of the Bender, and its development has taken over 5 years to get right and ready. The essential design is based off of the popular Herring Spinner rig, or the Cut Plug Herring rig, which was made popular in the Pacific Northwest for catching salmon in open water. White was a guide in the Pacific Northwest where he learned about the basic set-up.

“By nature, I’m a muskie nut,” said White. “When I came back to Wisconsin from my time salmon fishing out West, I was a fan of the Herring Spinner or Cut Plug Herring. I wondered how I could make it an effective approach on muskies, but without bait.

“Well, it took 5 years and hundreds of design changes to get to this point, but I believe it’s a good one. It’s patented now and made in the USA.”

Dan says it’s ideal for casting or trolling for muskies, primarily in shallower waters. But, the Bender is not just for hooking muskies.

“The design was always focused on catching muskies,” White claimed. “But I discovered that bass really like it too.

“You can adjust the baits by bending it to actually wake just under the surface. It’s ideal to fish over submerged vegetation for all predators. Muskies, pike, and bass will kill it, especially when you retrieve and kill it, let it fall, and then start again. It’s designed to not foul up fished-over weeds or through sparse weeds.”

The Bender comes in three sizes, 3, 5 and 7-inch, with a variety of colors. All are outfitted with Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip hooks.

To check out the Bender and pick up a few for your next outing, head to www.laterallinelures.com.

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