Rise of Legend Elite Musky Rekindles Ancient Battle

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 Mar 19th, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Rise of Legend Elite Musky Rekindles Ancient Battle

St. Croix Rod has made its choice; what side of the battle-line will you land on?


Park Falls, WI (March 18, 2016) – An old wound has been reopened. The subject sat latent for years, even double-decades. But it has resurfaced like an awakened pandemic from beneath the earth’s crust.

And in this time of steeped political gamesmanship, where no candidate can seemingly offer a straight answer, St. Croix Rod is taking full responsibility for reopening the wound: the age-old, sometimes contentious debate over the correct spelling.

Is it “musky” or “muskie”?  

Best we can tell, the polarizing topic respawned with this year’s birth of Legend Elite Musky. (Yes, St. Croix says “musky”.) This best-of-the-best musky fishing tool got elite anglers off their seats and talking smart about the incredible rod, and as a byproduct, refreshed the proper spelling dispute.

But before delving into the debate, it’s prudent to first share essential intel about the incredible Legend Elite Musky…

“We’ve been working quietly behind the scenes for the past two years to create what serious musky anglers have long awaited,” says Rich Belanger, St. Croix Promotions Director.

Specs point to Legend Elite Musky weighing 10-18% less than the popular St. Croix Legend Tournament, a big deal when you add up the hours, days, weeks and months that serious musky anglers spend on upper body workouts.

“As baits are getting larger and heavier and anglers put in longer hours chasing even bigger fish, the Legend Elite Musky Series represents that dream musky rod family that reduces physical fatigue and keeps anglers fishing longer, upping their odds at trophy 50-plus-inch fish,” says Belanger.

St. Croix engineering head Dave Schluter says they quite literally went back to the drawing board with the new series. They cut weight by re-thinking the blank, utilizing SCV carbon fiber, a high-modulus, high-strain material that creates a lighter, quicker, faster and more responsive blank.

“Our new Legend Elite Musky also features a completely re-designed guide train utilizing Fuji® Torzite® for rings that are harder and half the diameter of the SiC Concept Guide System, and guide frame weight reduction while maintaining optimal guide opening size,” adds Schluter.

With the overall reduced weight in the blank and less mass on the guide train, the rods practically “float” in the hand. Pick one up and you’ll notice a significant reduction in tip mass. All that amounts to the lightest (and best) muskie rods on Earth.

Musky vs. Musky Contest

Now back to the hullaballoo… Full diplomacy at play, St. Croix wants your spin on this election year controversy. And there’s no better free-world means than to put it to vote. Here’s your chance to tell the world what you think and win a St. Croix Musky rod! St. Croix is giving you FOUR chances to win! And, yes, you can win more than once!

Simply fill out the entry form and vote Musky or Muskie. One randomly drawn lucky winner will receive a St. Croix Rod Mojo Musky. Enter once every 24 hours between March 18 and March 24, 2016.

STEP TWO: Make a 30 second video (or less) stating your case on Musky or Muskie and why. Load your video on YouTube, or Vimeo. Fill out the Entry Form and Submit your video.  One randomly drawn lucky winner will receive a St. Croix Rod Legend Tournament® Musky.  Only one entry per person. Enter March 18 and March 24, 2016.

All submitted videos will be open to public vote between March 25 and April 1, 2016.  The video with the most votes will win a St. Croix Rod Legend Elite® Musky rod. Winner will be announced on April 2, 2016.

Instagram Only: Record a 15 sec. or less video stating your case for Musky or Muskie Mar. 25 – April, 1. The video with the most likes wins a Mojo Musky rod.

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