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 Dec 10th, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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120 Days – One man’s quest hunting giant muskies on Georgian Bay

In 1983 Bill Hamblin caught his very first musky from Georgian Bay. It was a 42 pound giant. He has been hunting muskies on the Bay ever since. 120 Days is the story of his quest hunting giant muskies on Georgian Bay during the 2015 fishing season.

Join Bill in the boat and feel the exhilaration of doing battle with these rare leviathans of the deep, and suffer the agony of going fishless for days at a time. Meet the fishermen and fisherwomen that are a part of his journey both on and off the water.

Travel throughout the scenic reaches of Georgian Bay from the foothills of the La Cloche Mountains in the north to Severn Sound in the south. It is a story of success and failure, happiness and sadness, joy and frustration, action and contemplation. It is a story about life.

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