Muskies, Two for One

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 May 9th, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Tuesday evening (May 7), Dad went down to the pier to fix his boat. It had been leaking a bit around some of the rivets. It was starting to get dark so he thought he would take a few cast off the pier.

On his second cast, he popped a smallmouth bass. We took a nice picture and released the fish. After releasing the bass he took two more cast and hooked into something a little larger. He told me to grab the net “just in case”.

Two for one…

 “It’s not a bass”, he said. I grabbed the net out of the boat and walked back to the end of the pier. By that time, Dad had the fish within reachable distance but visibility was poor due to water clarity & darkness closing in.

As the fish neared the surface, we could see that he had hooked a nice musky at the very tip of it’s mouth. I scooped the fish into the net. As I lifted up, we realized we somehow had two muskies in the net!!! We were absolutely stunned & excited at the same time!

After a quick picture, I release the male. Dad jumped in the water for a quick water measurement & picture of the female. She swam off in the same direction as the male. To make sense out of what had just taken place, it was decided that the fish were spawning. The scarring was very apparent. Dad had caught the female and the male blindly followed her all the way into the back of our net.

This was one of the most memorable moments that Dad and I had ever experienced. All three fish were caught casting a Small (1/2 oz) Echotail tipped with a white Kalin’s grub tail. We wish everyone the best of luck on the water this season!

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