Muskies Matter Musky Daze Catch And Release Musky tournament Rules & Regulations 2016

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Muskies Matter Musky Daze Catch And Release Musky tournament Rules &  Regulations 2016

FISHING HOURS All fish must be caught during the following hours:
SATURDAY: June 4th – Take off @ 7:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.  Banquet to follow @ Anjeros.
Sunday: June 5th – Take off @ 7:00 a.m. -2:00p.m.
Awards ceremony to follow @ Anjeros.
Prizes will be awarded on a points system. 30 points for each “tournament” legal musky caught,
plus 1 point for each ΒΌ (one quarter) inch over 34 inches (rounding down to nearest quarter inch).
34 inches and over, is a tournament legal fish.
Prizes will be based on the total points accumulated during 2 days of fishing.
Based on eighty boat entries, 70% pay out for 1st -5th  places. – In the event of a tie, with two
placing teams finishing the tournament with the same point total, the prize money will be split
evenly between those two places. There are several ways
this could happen, but here is one example: Team A finishes with a 45″ fish, Team B finishes with
a 40″ fish, and Team C also ends with a 40″ fish. Team A will take 1st prize, while Teams B and C will split the 2nd and 3rd
place winnings evenly.
The remaining places will be paid out accordingly. In the event of the big fish of the day being a
tie, the two anglers will split the prize evenly provided they both entered the big fish contest.
Friday night 6/3/15 @ 7pm registration and rules meeting at Shipwreck Bay. N7265 Shacks Rd.
Mauston Wi 53929
Rules meeting is mandatory for one member from each boat.
You are required to have a cellular phone to communicate on the water.
Phone numbers of judges will be handed out at registration meeting.
1. All decisions by tournament judges are final. All decisions will be made in the spirit of
competition and for what is in the best interest of the fish.
2. A $100 fee will be assessed for any protest lodged. The fee will not be refundable if the protest
is denied.
3. All contestants are required to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and
conservation. Contestants should conduct themselves in a manner that will bring credit to
themselves, Muskies Matter, sponsors, and the sport of fishing.
4. Each team is required to have a cell Phone, to communicate to the lake judges.
5. If you are late or not ready at take off you will be sent to the end of the take-off line. If your
partner is missing at take-off you will not be eligible to fish. When he/she shows up you will have
to get checked in. So call a judge.
6. All contestants and boats must comply with Wisconsin Fishing and Boating Regulations.
Absolutely no alcohol allowed during tournament hours.
7. All boats will be inspected each morning prior to tournament competition as they go in the water.

8. Each morning take off will follow in order according to boat numbers. Boats will take off with a
delay of – (10) seconds between each take off. If it’s a foggy morning
we will hold take off till the fog clears, or if visibility improves. If visibility does not improve we may
have a no-wake start. We will not add lost time to the fishing hours. No boats will go on plane
during this no-wake take off. If you are caught having your boat on plane you will be

9. Contestants must wear a properly secured life jacket while the boat is on plane.
10. A minimum of 50 ft. must be maintained between competitor’s boats during tournament hours.
However, another contestant may slip passed you closer, in order to fish another spot, but must
do so courteously.
11. Competitors can only use one line at a time per person.
12. Trolling is allowed.
13. Contestants must have the given flagging tape secured to the front and rear of the boat so
that it is visible. This will let the judges know you are in the tournament.
14. Each boat will be given a designated number tag. This tag must accompany you any time you
are on the water.
15. Legal musky size limit on this lake is 50 inches. All muskies captured will
be kept in the water and in the net until a judge boat can measure it. This will ensure the health of
each musky caught in the tournament. All muskies over 34″ will count towards tournament points.
All muskies, no matter the size, must be released at the spot of capture and not transported.
Transportation is considered possession, and will not be allowed in this
16. This is a catch & release tournament. Each musky caught should not be taken from the water
until a judge boat arrives.
The judge will witness measurement of the musky upon arrival with the judge’s bump board. You
may pinch the tips of the tale together, or turn the tail from side to side. The musky will then be
released. The judge will witness all fish released.
Contestants may resume fishing upon successfully registering and releasing their fish. You must
stay in the release area for 15 minutes to ensure a Live Release. If the fish is killed, the
contestant will be deducted 15 points.
17. Any legal musky (50-inches), which cannot be revived after the catch and is taken, or is
intentionally, killed, and taken, will not be eligible for the tournament.
18. There will be no fishing from bridges, piers, docks or the shore.
19. Artificial bait will only be allowed during the tournament (No live bait).
20. No snagged catches are eligible for the tournament.
21. Every person in the boat must be a registered contestant.
22. For any infractions of above stated rules, officials have the “authority” to enforce appropriate
discipline by warning or disqualifying the team.
Contestants are first come first serve up to (80) boats. Open to constants from previous year 1st Entry deadline: May 1st, 2016. After May 6th is $50.00 more.
Return this entry form and check (s) to: Muskies Matter 202 Lake St. Elroy Wi. 53929 Any questions call 608 415 1231

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