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 Mar 27th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Mar 27th, 2014 at 12:00 AM

If you haven’t held a Migizi muskie rod yet then you’ve been missing out. Right now Migizi Fishing Rods is running a limited time major discount on their 8-foot extra-heavy mid-modulus graphite casting Series fishing rod. This is Migizi’s entry-level version of their high-end fishing rods boasting an incredibly fast tip at an 80/20 bend tapered from a strong backbone in the rear section. Super light on the retrieve of baits with pull, like double-bladed bucktails and crankbaits, this rod goes into the figure-eight with ease and hardly any drag through the water like you might get with flimsier rods. When it’s time to set the hook, the superior strength of this rod from rear section to tip-top will drive those hooks home with authority and maintain the most effective action you can find in superior muskie rods as you play the fish towards the net.

Migizi rods are 100% handcrafted in the USA from start to finish. The blanks are coated with ultra-thin epoxy clear to protect the integrity of the graphite, and decorated with stainless blank chrome guides with Titanium Oxide rings and a stainless tip-top. The real seat on this rod is made out of machined brass with a double chromed finish combined with a trigger and two locking nuts to prevent slippage. The 5-inch fore-grip and 16-inch rear-grip ergonomic cork handles are Select AA graded with a slightly oversized diameter that really beef up the stability and control you will feel the second you rip hooks into a the big white jaws of the fish you’ve been chasing.

This rod retails for $265.00 normally, but right now for a limited time only, it’s yours for only $199.00. All Migizi fishing rods come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which is about as American as it can get. Don’t miss out on this opportunity of owning part of the Migizi line-up for less than has ever been advertised before.

To learn more, visit Migizi fishing rods on their website, www.migizifishingrods.com, or contact Vince Weirick today to get any questions you have answered or setup your custom order today by calling (574) 551-0214.

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