Dog Days Muskie Fishing | A Guide To Winning! S3.E15

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 Dec 11th, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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Dog Days Muskie Fishing | A Guide To Winning! S3.E15

Musky Mastery

Many happy memories likely come to time mind when we think about the dog days of summer while growing up! Riding your bike through the sprinkler or going to the local pool for a swim might have been a few of your highlights but if you remember being on a boat fishing during the dog days, you might not remember many exciting things happening!

Slack-calm, hot, stagnant and muggy conditions can often spell disaster for musky anglers looking to score but in this video I highlight a couple strategies that have worked for me more often than not!

I believe that when conditions are very challenging you must find a healthy balance between covering lots of potentially productive but also, and very importantly, fishing these spots efficiently and effectively. The goal is to cover as much water as possible in the smallest amount of time in the hopes of running into an active fish but also fishing these spots thoroughly enough so that you are not leaving opportunities, or muskies, behind.

Before I hit the water on a dog days musky hunt I try to plan out, usually on my drive to the launch, where I am going to fishing during the first couple hours on the water and how I will react if the muskies are not responding to my presentations. On these challenging days you can usually locate muskies on your electronics but getting them to strike is another story!

A simple twist that I add to my strategy of covering water quickly is to downsize the presentations that I am throwing. It has been my experience that simply changing your lure size from large to medium or, from medium to small, can be all that is necessary to get muskies to react to your lure moving through the water.

Lastly, when trying to convert muskies to strike during the dog days, I look to the moon for a little extra influence. Using the Muskie 360 App, I look up the moon phases that are taking place during the day and I try to align myself on my very best spots during these times. Doing this has time and time again helped me score under very challenging conditions when there is little to no environmental change taking place.

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