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 May 13th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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Beast Mode

Northland’s new Rumble Beast triggers epic strikes from upsized predators

BEMIDJI, Minn. (May 12, 2021) – Crankbaits simply catch fish. They always have and always will. And when you’re talking tape-measure fish, big crankbaits are where it’s at. Along those lines, Northland Fishing Tackle® is proud to introduce the new Rumble Beast, a bait designed specifically to target the biggest, baddest fish that swim, like monster pike and muskies.

The Bagley-inspired and Jarmo Rapala redesigned Beast is just the bait for alpha carnivores. It features a durable body, two-piece locking lip technology, heavy wire black nickel Mustad hooks, and a weighted tie-eye to induce immediate diving. Once submerged, the lure features a wide, thumping action that drives pike and muskies off the charts.

The Beast is big, powerful, deep-running and deadly for heavy predators and epic strikes. It features an extremely durable body and a super-strong poly-carbonate swimming lip that is uniquely locked into the lure’s body, making this bait ideal for bouncing off bottom structure and rocks. The Beast is also equipped with heavy-duty hooks and split rings. This bait is truly battle-ready. The designed wobble varies with trolling speed, setting the action for magnum-caliber hits.

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Vice President of Sales and Marketing Eric Naig has extensively tested the Beast and describes the bait as “phenomenal.”

“The Beast is kind of a rounded design and doesn’t give off much flash, and on purpose. I like it for the cold water trolling we do on Lake of the Woods and in any large body of water. It’s a really great lure for open water trolling, too. I fished it quite a bit on Lake of the Woods and it’s an absolute pike-catching machine, which kind of makes sense because that’s what Jarmo Rapala designed the bait to do in Finland. The narrower tail gives it a seductive rolling and wide wobbling action that big fish just can’t resist. Lastly, with our locking lip design you can bang it off structure and it stands up to the abuse. It’s definitely a lure big fish hunters are going to want in their box,” remarks Naig.

Naig continues, “I usually use 85 lb. braid with the Beast when I’m trolling the rocks up in Canada, but 65 lb. is probably plenty if you’re not getting snagged all the time. The Beast has an aggressive dive curve, so it’s a pretty short lead to get it down to 10-feet—and if you fish it on 65 lb. braid you can easily get the size #6 down to 15- to 20-feet and the #8 down to 20- to 30-feet for suspending fish. From there, it’s simply a matter of hanging on for the crushing blows of big fish!”

You’re going to want to up your game with Northland Fishing Tackle’s new Rumble Beast…it’s designed for hook-ups with the biggest and meanest fish that swim.


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Rumble Beast Features/Specifications:

  • Extremely Durable Body
  • Locking Lip Technology
  • Battle-Ready Heavy-Duty Hooks and Split Rings
  • Size #6, 5.25″, 1-1/2 oz, 3/0 hook (Dives 15-20 ft)
  • Size #8, 8″, 2-1/4 oz, 3/0 hook (Dives 20-30 ft)

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