Lund’s Ultimate Fishing Experience 2020 Ep. 13

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 May 24th, 2020 by Keith Worrall  43

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Lund’s Ultimate Fishing Experience 2020 Ep. 13 A Fall Hunt and Fish Tradition


This week on Lund’s The Ultimate Fishing Experience…
It’s a fall hunt and fish tradition. Fall is a special time for those who love to pursue things that fly and also at the same time things that swim. And when the ducks are pouring into the decoys and the fish are on a feeding frenzy it can be hard to choose between the two in such a short window of opportunity.
This is why for host Scott Glorvigen all other distractions come to a halt. Rigged and ready for both, Scott’s truck and boat is rarely unhitched. This is made easy when one boat has everything you would need to become invisible to the ducks or at a moment’s notice to find and catch fish. Fall is fleeting. And you best take advantage of it while it last, for all too soon the ducks will head south and the fish will be under a sheet of ice.

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