Jiffy STX Pro II Lectric Model 55 Ice Drill

In use in Oneida County!rnrn * Clean/Self-Contained Electric Power – Latest battery technology – AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery, completely sealed.rn * Heavy-Duty Electric Motor, Switch, and Wiring System.rn * Dual Power Source – Operate from the on-board battery or connect to a vehicle.rn * Jolf of Power – Jolt of Torquern * Clean – No Fumesrn * Quietrn * HTT – High Torque Transmission – Heavy-duty clutch for fast, solid engagement and a transfer of engine energy for additional torque. HTT allows 30% more holes on a single battery charge.rn * Stealth STXTM Cutting Technology – Performing a smoother and faster cutting surface.rn * Easy SnapTM Blade Protectorrn * Ideal for Initial Drilling and Redrilling of Ice Holesrn * Available with 8″ and 10″ Drill Assembliesrn * Best Warranty in the Industry…1-2-3 Year Limited Warranty – 1 Yr Motor; 2 Yr Transmission; 3 Year STXTM Blades.rn

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