Burbot Action With Chequamegon Bay Fishing Fanatics Brian Worrall

I recently learned i have a shell fish allergy. It’s a bummer because I really like shrimp but no worries, I can always eat Burbot. Who’s up for some “Poor Man’s Lobster?”rnrnSome fun Burbot facts: They are NOT eelpout.That is a different species. You can probably credit the Leech Lake Eel Pout Festival for that error. Burbot spawn under the ice in the winter months. They can reach depths of nearly 1000 feet in summer. Yes, they really do taste like lobster. The world record is 25 lb 2 oz. It’s roe is sold as caviar. Credit Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burbot.rnrnThere is a great video on how to clean them on Youtube from the Alaskan Game and fish department. Get out there and get some of these super ugly, slimy, smelly, and great tasting fish! In all honesty this is my favorite fish to eat. Nothing else even comes close.rnrnThe fish in this video was 30.5 in and about 9 pounds.rnrnBrian W.

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