The Lazy Novice’s Guide to Ice Fishing

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By Ross Boissoneau | Feb. 16, 2019

When’s the best time to fish? Some will say a calm day. Some will suggest early morning; others, evening.

But many will tell you one of the North’s sweetest secrets: The best time to wet a line is in the dead of winter. No waves, no boats, and little to no noise to scare the fish away. Ice fishing makes all those problems irrelevant.

True, it requires different equipment. You’re not going to stand on the end of the dock clad in shorts and T-shirt and cast 20 or 30 feet into the open waters. But the investment is typically less than what you’d spend in the summer — certainly less than a boat, motor, and trailer would run. And much less hassle.

“You don’t need much. You can go sit on a pickle bucket if it’s not too cold,” said Ken Fosmore of Glen Arbor. Fosmore has been fishing the Glen Lakes for most of his life.

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