Reservoir Walleye Fix | Ice Fishing Francis Case

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 Mar 5th, 2021 by Keith Worrall  71

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Reservoir Walleye Fix | Ice Fishing Francis Case

Jason Mitchell Outdoors

Ice fishing reservoir walleye and sauger on South Dakota’s Francis Case Reservoir on the Missouri River System. Great fishery for simply catching fish. Recent cold temps have finally created safe ice and this impoundment is popular with ice anglers each winter.

Jason Mitchell joins Tom Steinhauser from Platte Creek Lodge to explain the basics of catching reservoir walleyes. Classic one-two punch of combining jigging lures with dead sticks or set lines to target both aggressive and negative fish through a variety of depths. Productive presentations and locations are explained that work well for catching both walleye and sauger on reservoir systems.

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Jigging Combo: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/ic…​
Dead Stick Combo: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/de…​
Set Line Setup: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/tipup​
Monofilament Line: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/mo…​
Braided Line: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/braid​
Lure: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/pi…​
Auger: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/auger​
Flasher: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/ve…​
Shelter: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/le…

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