Today’s ice anglers continue to master their trade

 Jan 14th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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As today’s ice anglers continue to master their trade, the one’s that stay ahead of the competition do so by constantly pushing the envelope and utilizing the tools that others think simply don’t apply to them.

Professional Fisherman Mark Courts has earned his reputation as being a threat on the water no matter the species he’s after. Most well known for his impressive accolades competing on the highest-level walleye circuits, Courts also boosts a resume littered with other multi-species accomplishments from bass fishing to ice fishing.

Being a versatile angler has its advantages no doubt and Courts is quick to cash in on certain advances he see’s making waves in other fields of our sport. One such advancement is the Hydrowave, an electronic fishing aid that emits the natural sounds of baitfish and the predatory fish that feed on them. This unique and innovative advancement first took the bass scene by storm and has been steadily poring over into other angling circles including saltwater, walleye, muskie, crappie and northern pike.

With anglers witnessing first hand the results of the Hydrowave, the demand for a more portable unit has lead to the newly released Hydrowave Mini, a product intended for smaller boats, kayaks and of course, anglers fishing from shore. Powered by a 9-volt battery and packed into a smaller, more portable unit, the Mini has taken the ice fishing world by storm. “It was just a matter of time until the word got out”, says Courts, who claims the results were evident from the first time he hit the hard water early this winter. “Here as of late, I’ve been fishing shallow water for panfish and when I first locate a school using my electronics, I can catch a few right away but often times they move on and I’m forced to try to stay with them. Now being able to utilize my Hydrowave on the ice, I’m able to stay in one place and catch them all day long.”

This seems to be a common advantage to those who have used the Hydrowave no matter what species they’re after as the unit was designed to stimulate the environment in the same ways that hunters use natural sounds to call in their query. “When I first drill a hole, I’ll turn it up to a louder setting in an attempt to call them in”, explains Courts. “Once the action picks up, I’ll turn it down some and manage the bite. If it slows again, I’ll turn it up a bit to again stimulate the competitive nature of these fish.”

For more information on the Hydrowave Mini or to see a list of dealers, please visit their website at www.hydrowave.com.

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